Intruder Alarms

We tend to delay installing home security systems until after we become victims of a burglary and suffer losses as a result of it. Such emotional and financial losses can be avoided if we plan our security options in advance and invest in an alarm system designed to discourage burglars.

Safety should be a priority and not just an afterthought and protecting yourself, your loved ones and your property can provide you with confidence and assurance you need. We encourage you to take control over your home security by starting to be proactive rather than reactive.

With our extensive industry expertise and knowledge we can help you keep your home safe. We can provide you with planning, designing, installation and maintenance services for a bespoke system that is right for you.

Our friendly engineers are focussed on providing excellent customer service and they would be happy to demonstrate to you that securing your property is more straightforward than you might think. They can advise and guide you to help you find the perfect solution that suits your home and budget.

Have a look at this useful advice on burglary prevention from Met Police Advice

burglar alarm
flashsecurity intruder alarm system
Flash security intruder alarm mounted on the wall

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