Our Values

Our organisational culture is underpinned by the ‘SEA’ of values which form the ethos of our company and inform our behaviours in everything that we do at Flash Security. You can see our values below.


All of our engineers have required qualifications and experience as well as undertake appropriate training programmes and frequent refresher training before they are cleared to work on sites. This is to ensure they are compliant with all necessary industry accreditations and can complete works safely and securely.

We only work with trusted suppliers to purchase high-quality products as well as use safe methods for installations and maintenance processes. We test all of our products and carry out frequent audits to ensure their functionality and compliance.

We are committed to educating our users on the safe usage of our devices and appliances and ensure their confidence in using those correctly.



We have a proven record of delivering all of our projects on time, on budget and with high levels of customer satisfaction. We are committed to being available when you need us, hence we provide 24/7 service to ensure we can support you in an emergency.

The passion and determination of our team guarantees that our work is carried out to a high standard and in an efficient and effective manner. This ensures the reduction in the number of callouts and repeat repairs, ultimately getting things right the first time round. Our engineers are multiskilled and are able to undertake a variety of works, meaning we can offer one-stop-shop solutions reducing the costs and the need for involving multiple contractors.

We use energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly products and waste disposal methods and continuously strive to minimise our negative impact on the environment.



Our organisational mindset is focussed on care, inclusion and growth; it influences what we do and, ultimately, the results we get.

We pride ourselves on employing highly-competent, passionate, solution-focussed and creative people who aim to deliver high-standard services at all times. But above all, we believe in authenticity and unique qualities and skills each of them bring to the team and to your projects.

We appreciate the distinctive and sensitive needs of each of our customers and we are committed to meeting those as all times by providing them with bespoke solutions and services. To ensure this, we guarantee to work in partnership with you to really understand your circumstances and service requirements and to apply a personal and client-centred approach to our work.

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