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Flash Security are highly experienced professionals in Fire and Security Industry.


For over 10 years we’ve been dedicated to helping our clients protect their properties across the UK.
Our engineers are highly trained specialists in fire and general security with a very wide range of
qualifications and experience. We offer our clients a large number of products which will impact on
their safety such as the latest burglar alarms, CCTV, fire protection and access control systems -
always designed to individual needs to provide the best possible protection for each property.


We often delay installing security systems in our businesses until after we become victims of a
burglary and as a result suffer detrimental yet very preventable losses. Make safety your top priority,
instead of an afterthought.

Having an alarm system in place is a worthwhile and long-running investment which is essential in
preventing burglaries.

We provide a FREE no obligation quotation specific to your individual needs. Get in touch now — we are available 24/7.

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