Emergency Lights

Emergency Lighting can help prepare your business to successfully manage the effects of sudden power outages. The absence of Emergency Lighting can lead to possible danger to lives, sense of disorientation, panic and disorder. Emergency Lights and Exit Signs are crucial safety features which occupants can rely on to safely find their way out of the building during an emergency situation.

With an increased focus on energy conservation and protecting the environment, LED Lighting is becoming a popular and cost-effective choice. Due to the low energy consumption, high efficiency and long lifetime these are proven to be better lighting solutions than others available on the market.
We specialise in all forms of fire protection systems in the UK, including various lighting fixtures and Emergency LED Lighting.

UK Government guidelines state that all Emergency Lighting systems should be tested regularly and maintained properly to an appropriate standard. We offer such testing and maintenance services as well as all installation and repair works for any residential, commercial, governmental or industrial properties.

Emergency Lights installation, repair and maintenance services available at Flash Security.
emergency lights
Emergency Lights

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